Reflection/Homily: Easter Vigil/Holy Saturday

April 15, 2017 Uwakwe Reflections 0

Theme: In praise of the night of nights   For more than two thousand years now, humanity has never known a night as powerful as tonight. Tonight represents that great night when the power of death was conquered, the night that reconciled heaven and earth, the night of hope.   […]

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Reflection: Good Friday

April 13, 2017 Uwakwe Reflections 0

Theme: The Sacrifice of the Cross: A Paradigm of Christian Sacrifice  Since the fall of Adam, humanity has known no peace. Suffering and death has been the lot of man so much so that life is nothing but misery. This death was not restricted to physical death but included spiritual […]

Reflection/Homily: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

April 13, 2017 Uwakwe Reflections 0

Theme: The Holy Eucharist: A Communion and Summit of Love In the liturgy of this evening mass of the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Mother Church commemorates three principal mysteries: the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the institution of the Catholic Priesthood and Christ’s commandment of brotherly love. Our reflection this […]

Reflection/Homily: Palm/Passion Sunday – Year A

April 7, 2017 Uwakwe Reflections 0

Reflection/Homily: Palm/Passion Sunday – Year A Theme: The Painful Betrayal of a Friend In the Shakespearean classic, Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare narrated the betrayal of Julius Caesar by his best friend Marcus Brutus. In that tragic play, Brutus was tricked into joining a team of conspirators who wanted to kill […]

Ash Wednesday

February 28, 2017 Uwakwe Reflections 0

Once upon a time, it was announced in a certain parish that the diocesan bishop would be visiting the parish on a pastoral visit. This great event of the bishop’s visit held once in four years due to the large size of the diocese was marked with a great preparation. […]